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Zayn Malik : Mind of Mine, un premier album réussi ?
Louis Tomlinson : Quel sera le prénom de son fils ?
One Direction ont sorti leur clip Drag Me Down et Terry a kiffé !
One Direction


Que ce soit une relation entre Harry Styles et Louis Tomlinson, ou encore que ce soit sur le retour de Zayn Malik, les fans du groupe One Direction ont beaucoup d'imagination. Newin vous a donc fait une petite sélection des meilleures fanfiction.

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  • il y a Maltreat n.h elle est trop bien
  • non mdrr "I will begind"
  • A l'avant avant dernière ligne je voulais écrire : "You will begind"
  • Je l'ai écris en anglais mais j'en rêve ! <3
  • je l'écris ici : Caméraman S- I’m so happy to see the 1D today but is true I am more exited to see Harry Styles. This is a dream then I live now ! When I sleeping, I dream of 1D and when I exit of my shower, I dream of guys… Rencontre avec Harry Styles S- Hey, Arold. H- How you know that I love when girls say my name like this ? S- I know a lot of things of you. H- Really, like what ? S- Like… Harry, Edward Styles was born the first February 94 and now he is 21. I know again things of you, but now I don’t want to say you this all things ! H- You’re so funny girl ! S- Thank you, you’re cute, but it’s all I can say to you. H- (look at me) S- Why you are looking me like that, man ? H- Ahaha, you’re mysterious and beautiful girl, you know ? S- I don’t know I’m beautiful, like song ! Ahaha ! H- LOL S- So now, Arold, can I have an autograph ? H- Yes, of course, you're here to see « Harry Styles, the celebre singer of One Direction » ! S- No I’m here to see YOU ! Harry, Edward Styles, the boy funny and cute ! H- OH, That is good ! S- Babe, I’m want a be good for you ! ahaha ! So now, can I HAVE MY AUTOGRAPH ? Ahahaha ! H- Oh yes sorry ! (he writes). S- Oh ! One heart to symboled you’re attirance for me ! H- Maybe ! S- Hum ! Arold, Thank you but now I have to go ! Bye ! H- No ! Wait please, what’s your name girl ? S- Harry I can’t stay ! H- Yes, I’m sorry but only minute ! S- Ok but so quickly ! My name is Shannon and I’m 13. I am already very mature and I had my period, man ! For me the age it’s not the most important ! I’m French girl but I speak quite well english ! I understand you, and you understand me write ? And I know all of your songs ! H- Wouah ! You’re a girl really funny, but I have a question… S- Let me guess ! Do you want go drink with me a coke in London, that’s true ? H- Yes, you’re very awesome ! And if you be okay, to I want you take to see a film ! S- Maybe yes, maybe I don’t know ! Ahaha H- Can I have your number phone ? S- Yes it’s… H- Okay, Thank you and I hope I will see you ! Bye Shannon ! S- Yeah ! Ciao Arold ! RDV avec Harry Styles <3 <3 <3 Le temps a passé et le cinéma terminé il commençait à pleuvoir et dans ce cas là j’aurais fait : H- You’re really a funny, beautiful, mysterious, intelligent and I love your smile ! S- Thank you Harry… But now I must to tell you about one thing… H- Yes ? S- I love you, I can’t wait anymore. I want make everything with you, I want to you teach me life of love, Harry. H- I will behind you teach like this ! (m’embrasse sous la pluie comme il l’a toujours rêvé) S- You finished yours appointments like that ? But I really love this teacher ! H- I first love you !